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First of 'Eddy's run' is a deep thank you, a bow to Edward Snowden, the man who risked his live to reveal inhuman actions of a shocking large number of governments towards the citizens of the world by invading the privacy of millions of people.

It is a contribution in the fight against total surveillance and the undermining of democracy. It is our way of protest, an art project that aims to wake up people who still naively think that observation is necessary and does not affect their private life. It is a cry for help in the support of Edward Snowden and the freedom of each individual. It is setting a sign to stop EDDY'S RUN and free a refugee being chased by "the most powerful country in the world".

Help to end a time where we are being spied on by our governments and click "Take action" to sign a petition by Avaaz.org, which stands up for Edward Snowden and demands his freedom.

Eddy's run is project by Binji, a young game developer studio from Hamburg, Germany, that has put two intense weeks into creating this game. We strongly believe that Edward Snowden is a true hero and we try to use the tools that we have to create a game in his honor.

'The public needs to decide whether these programs and policies are right or wrong'
- Edward Snowden

There are many ways for you to take action: Read the news and gather information from different sources, not just from the mainstream media. Tell your friends and family why surveillance is a bad and what they can do about it. Use your social media platforms, and spread the word.

And the next big step is: TAKE ACTION! Watch out for demonstrations in your region or sign petitions. See below for a selection.

However best you could do, of course, would be to start your own actions. What ever this could be. Maybe a movie, a song, or a storie to get the attention. Everything you can thing of is great and better than not doing anything at all! The people of the world have to realize what is happenig! Stand with Edward „Eddy“ Snowden and take action.

Thank you for your support!

AVAAZ.org - Stand with Edward Snoden

change.org - EU Parliament and EU Commission: Stop mass surveillance, protect our data and our whistleblowers!

stopsurveillance.org - We, the undersigned, hereby call on our governments, national parliaments and the European institutions to:

campact.de - Schutz für Edward Snowden in Deutschland!